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Jason or JSON it doesn't matter how you pronounce it what matters is what exactly this means now again there are lots of people they do pronounce it as JSON and officially it is pronounced as JSON but is it that doesn't matter what matters is what exactly it means again for this for this video I will refer that's JSON you can you can say that's whatever you want but then let's let's name it as JSON.

Now JSON basically stands for JavaScript object notation and why it is so famous as you can as you have heard about JSON before it is used in Android it is used in web technologies rest api is it is used everywhere right so what is JSON and how to use it so in this video we are going to talk about this thing welcome back aliens I'm now in the different icicle earnings and let's get started so as we have defined JSON simply means JavaScript object notation so when you talk about Jay when you talk about JSON the full form is so it simply says JavaScript object notation right so of what happened you know when you talk about JSON it is simply a format in which you can transfer data from client to server and from server to client C in the initial days of web development we used to work with HTML white hTML is like the what is a de facto design pattern so everywhere we used HTML to design websites and we don't have any other choice other than we use CSS then we use JavaScript so initially we used to create static pages.

Now the world is changing right we are making more dynamic pages and when you say dunnock page it just simply means that the data which you get from the server will be dynamic or on the de pon your request you will get the response example a typical example would be if you go to any web site like Facebook so on Facebook what happens is you have a mobile application and then you have a website right so all you'll be having a server so this is your server and this is your application so what we do is we send a a synchronous request now if you don't know about X asynchronous that that's ok what it simply means is your view have opened a app or the website on your while phone what you're doing is after some time your website is sending a request to the server and in response your server is sending some data now this data can be in any format ok now normally.

Let's say if you have three mobile phones how will you send data here so again you have to say Mobile's and whenever you have a list we give a addressing button of any member we have added so we have to open the array we have to close the add it in this array will be having all this values that means JSON is an object and inside this an object you can have an array object now the amazing thing is inside this array object you can also have adjacent object so maybe mobile phones will be having its own object so we can open the curly brackets and you can have the first mobile phone data here then second mobile phone data here that is that awesome so object JSON object can have Java added or JSON array JSON add a can have JSON objects and Jane again that is no object in have java jackson JSON add it's like Inception right but then okay that's how it works it's it's quite simple the only problem is when you generate this data by yourself you might have to write it on Google so if you just go to Google and search for JSON why data just paste your JSON there it will give you what's wrong and watch right so that's that's an awesome thing but then oh is the easy to only option you have JSON can use something else.

What we were using before JSON because JSON came I guess in last five years and I am Not sure but then what about what what before that what they used to use so before JSON people used to work on XML so when you want to send data from server to client they used to ex use XML in fact now also people do use XML but then JSON is trying to what you say was right the XML features so whatever you can do JSON you can do an XML so why to use XML when you can when you can use JSON so JSON is a very standard format now in fact if you follow all my tutorials on on richest API or maybe on spring rest will be using JSON there so the idea behind this video is to make you understand whatever we are going to do in rest api this is the foundation for that so just remember JSON is a format from which so this is the format using which you can send data from server to client and from client to server as well when you want to post data you can also use JSON right so that's that's an awesome thing so this is how it looks like and that's you will be sending date data but how to make it work.