Push Notifications

Test FCM Push Notifications

In current time FCM push notification online is very important and basic thing in requirement list of develope mobile application.
So these tool is to test the push notification online for native developrs,you can send FCM push notificaion to any mobile device at free of cost. For this tool, you have firebase api key and device id of any mobile,after this you have to put both values in as above textboxes and then click subimt button and Wow!! now you get push notification on your device.
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We all know that we can no longer create GCM projects in Google console but we can use the old ones so let's talk about a new way to integrate GCM.Android GCM has been upgraded to FCM that is firebase Cloud messaging earlier.We used Google console for GCM but now we have to use firebase console for FCM integration if you see 5ms has introduced many new and awesome features now let's keep a set all of the features and talk about a notification module in your browser Google for fibers console open the fibers console and login with your Gmail account our Welcome page appears when you can see your migrated projects from Google console to fibers console or any new projects created and fibers console itself select your project if already present or you can import it from your earlier Google console project.

We have already created my FCM project named FCM demo so let's open it now I can add more than one application to the same project as you can see the pop-up demands for your Android application package and sha-1 fingerprint after clicking on the add app button a Google service dot JSON file is downloaded this JSON file is to be included in your applications app folder as shown if you open the JSON file you can see it contains all your project details like your key package name etc after that there are some changes to be done in your applications and projects Gradle find please follow the exact procedure as shown as you see it is your notification which you can send notifications to your devices let's have a look at the Android site coding as highlighted this line brings as the FCM token for receiving notifications,

We can use the old way or go with what firebase is providing so here I have extended firebase messaging service it has some overridden methods by which we receive our notification and can then show it in the notification bar there are some basic permissions required to get the notification to our devices as you can see please include all these permissions in your manifest also and the apt or Gradle file you have to mention the Google Play services and Phi based messaging plugin you now as we are ready with our configurations done on both console and applications side let's try to send notifications from 5is console to our device as you can see the same message sent from firebase console is received on the device you can then handle your clicks on the notification as you prefer for now I have opened the application on clay.