Top Steps or Strategies to improve Programming Skills

Currently, people want to know how to improve programming expertise,they are searching online or perhaps on facebook as well,we had this constantly asked question which is how do i upgrade my programming expertise or logical expertise occasionally it's delicate to answer those questions so i made this blog just to answer that i've certain way you can follow to ameliorate your programming expertise now we can have seven way of five way but i went for this number five because i love it.

Before perfecting your programming skills the first thing you need is a programming knowledge and of course right you must have started with any of the language perhaps C, C, php, Java, Python or JavaScript and you might be knowing the syntax of it because that is what we do so when you say you are learning a any programming language then first thing that you have to learn its syntax,now different languages have different syntax and that is why you know once you learn one language let's just see it's easier for you to learn C and also Java because they all follow this same syntactical paradigm another thing is once you have learned this syntax the coming thing you have to follow these five steps so that you can work on your skills.


1. Algorithms & Data structures

First step is practice algorithms and data structures now when you learn a language you feel you know everything but that is not the case because when you learn the language you learn syntax and if you do if you want to apply it let's say if I give you a problem statement and you have to convert that problem statement into a code and your software it's not the act process first you have to convert that problem statement into a result and that will be only way and that is what we call it as algorithms and also we convert that algorithm into code now when I give you an illustration let's say if you want to find a given number is all or indeed I know in your brain nearly does not acquire them which you have all in you which formerly know what you do is you convert that into a code right but if we talk about big problem statements so first you have to convert that into algorithms and you need practice for that and so for rehearsing that you have to break some being algorithms you know if you open any algorithm book you have this searching and sorting ways so you have to look for those effects first so exercise those algorithms and also data structures like we have linked list we've leased right so exercise all those effects like we've trees so exercise all those effects together because so there are some algorithms which works with this this data structures so that will be a first step.


2. Read Others Code

Second step would be you know when you learn a language and when you apply that in your own way so if I give a problem statement you'll write your own code but occasionally the code which you write is not the correct way and not saying it'll not give you the right affair but eventually what also important is the way you write a code the the conciseness of your code the effectiveness the speed effectiveness and is also a way of any code you heard about design patterns right now to ameliorate those effects what I would recommend is just just see some other people's code and currently we've this huge depository called as github in fact not just github we've different de mugged websites available as well but github is my fave so what you can do is try to read other people's code because it might give you a new way of writing code the same thing which you're writing but a different way like the syntax will remain same the the affair will remain same but the way right up code will change so what you'll do is just go to github and as there are some places available just have a look on those effects and the way them the moment you watch those could have you when you see those canons it'll make an impact on your brain and coming time you have code it'll be helpful.


3. Competitive Programming

My particular experience the way I've bettered my programming chops is by sharing in the competition so when I was in my council I used to share in multiple sodalities or multiple council events so perhaps rendering event or debugging event or perhaps waterless events so originally i usedto lose all those games but also latterly on i started winning it because I was rehearsing it so originally of course you'll lose because you do not know how to contend and latterly on the boardwalk the more you contend the more you'll know how exactly the cool now currently if you do not want to visit any rates you can do it online so we've this thing called as company do programming's so if you can contend with people you know on different websites like hacker ranked hike on earth we've code cook so just contend with people because they will so what happens is this website they will give you a problem statement and you have to convert that wrong statement in to a result so of course have to write of cool and when typically when you submit your code perhaps they won't accept it they will reject your code and that is where the lightning starts because originally you'll get rejected i got rejected multiple times and latterly on luckily one of my quadrangle code named that is without that what motivates you right so you have to share in competitions because it'll educate you how to decode second it'll educate you how to decode efficiently and third it'll educate you how to remedy and that is veritably important in fact in the description area you'll find a link to an composition and it'll be helpful for you so just with the composition it'll help you to share in computer programming.


4. Explore Other Languages

Now it might sound weird but do not stick to one language explore try to explore further languages the thing is will we all love some languages for illustration I love PHP, javascript there are people who love Python also we'll have some people love Java do not stick to one language because your language might be stylish but all the languages they've some good effects and some bad effects or some failings so when you learn another language it'll educate you a different way of idea code illustration when I learn Javascript I learned about how do we functional programming which helped me in my javascript language right so learn other languages because they've some redundant features which you can apply in your language.


5. Build Projects

Step which is veritably important which is make projects of course right why you learn a programming language at the end you want to make design so why not start erecting a design from launch i am not saying from day one but after learning a programming language we've syntax and also enforcing all these way it's time to take time for you to make a design now it can be any design does not count you know because we all have some passion right commodity differently like some hobbyhorse perhaps you like to watch movie perhaps you like to read a book perhaps i like playing games or perhaps your shooter what you can do is you can make a project for yourself so the first project should be for yourself illustration if you love music make a music player if you like games make your own game also that will be your first step because when you're doing for commodity for yourself you'll feel good about it right and of course you'll get wedged nearly because this is your first project and there is multiple way you can break this just go to Google and search and but search for your problem and trust me Google knows everything right we also have set for this type of excrescence it'll help you with the code ok do not just copy paste the code because that is what utmost people do try to understand the code what they're saying try it out and try to customize it the way you want now do not just copy- bury it because it might lead to bugs and trust me bugs are dangerous.

Now after these five steps let me just repeat those steps first one is practice algorithms and data structures the alternate one is read other people's code third one is competitive programming the fourth one is explore other languages and the fifth one is make a design now with this i've a perk step for you which is relatively important because at least for me and that's keep following telescope it'll surely help you to ameliorate your programming skills so that's it from this blog, i hope this blog was helpful to you and took me on like button if you liked it thank you.

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